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Life wonderings of a Nature Lover: Feather in the breeze: Part 1

July 15, 2016

01 CTG 2014 08 29 Feather 02

Like feathers in the breeze, passing gently by on a waft of air, I have come to realize that life is ephemeral, a transitory moment in infinity, that is time as we know it.

This blog will be wonderings about life, particularly nature, as that is the center to my spirit, soul and perspective in my daily journey. Some will be photographs or drawings, others reflections of special moments, some will be from the past and others current. As individuals, we each have our own realizations throughout life.

The first feather of realization of my interconnection with nature was a dawn encounter with a Duiker, a small African antelope, when I was about 10 years old. For an instant we both stood transfixed on a misty morning, heart beat of adrenalin, before a shift in consciousness when the Duiker took flight on graceful legs. Many years later in a different time and place, I stood again in soft morning light, so close I could have reached out and touched a young Duiker, the wonder and beauty were as profound, though this time enhanced by my gratitude. My life had moved along paths, which made me acutely aware of the privilege of the moment.

A significant feather and paradigm sift of realization was being part of a Primitive Wilderness Trail at iMfolozi in 2009.

2016 05 18 09 06 14 Wilderness and World

There have been many other feathers; a special one was my Mother. She passed by gently in my life, and in her passing instilled love, friendship, curiosity, humour and a joy of life.

  1. Lovely, Christeen. I will look out for your other feathers with delight.

  2. absolutely beautiful as always,

  3. Liz Lunse permalink

    Christeen, your words, your photos and art have been woven into my life over the years of what is my longest continuous friendship ….. they always delight me and it is no surprize that your blog is the same … looking forward to more, Liz

    • Liz, I am overcome, indeed a long and very special friendship, that has always included delight in, and creating words and images!
      Thank you dear friend!

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