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Life Wonderings of a Nature Lover: July 2017 Sitamani Country Diary

July 31, 2017

July is the quietest month of the year. There was no snowfall or rain this July.

02 Cover 01 IMG_5812

Looking down into the valley the dry grass is interspersed with irrigated lands. When cold front systems have passed through,

02 Cover 02 IMG_9485

a misty haze with far-off clouds has been seen.

02 Cover 03 IMG_6011

Smoke haze from firebreaks created beautiful sunrises

02 Cover 04 New Moon at dusk 2017 07 24 IMG_9517

and enhanced the dusk when the New Moon was visible on the 24 July.


Where the firebreaks have been burnt, despite dry conditions, the promise of spring is starting to show with

03 Flowers Berkheya setifera and Acalypha leaves IMG_9508

bright green Berkheya setifera and Acalypha leaves appearing.

The heady scent of

03 Flowers Buddleja salviifolia IMG_9496

Buddleja salviifolia

03 Flowers Buddleja salviifolia IMG_9497

Buddleja salviifolia in full bloom fills the air.

03 Flowers Euryops laxus IMG_5810

Hardy Euryops laxus flowers shine bright on the frosted lawn.

03 Flowers Gazania krebsiana IMG_9516

Gazania krebsiana flowers cheerfully brighten burnt areas.

03 Flowers Halleria lucida IMG_9456

The Halleria lucidas have flowered profusely, old wood heavily covered in their bright orange flowers.

03 Flowers Ledebouria ovatifolia IMG_9514

Ledebouria ovatifolia plants have tight grape-like buds ready to flower.

03 Flowers Leucosidea sericea IMG_9503

Leucosidea sericea have just started flowering, the short inflorescences like candles in the sunlight.

03 Flowers Peucedanum caffrum Wild Parsley IMG_9502

Bright flags of Peucedanum caffrum, Wild Parsley, leaves are also emerging.


04 Fungi Elegant Bracket Lenzites elegans IMG_5808

A stunning Elegant Bracket, Lenzites elegans, appeared on an old tree stump after a few misty days.


On a firebreak I found the burnt shell of a

05 Common Cannibal Snail Natalina cafra IMG_9506

Common Cannibal Snail, Natalina cafra.

05 Spider web IMG_5950

A beautiful flat Spider’s web was revealed attached to a rock.

06 Hover Fly IMG_9477

Dainty Hover Flies are plentiful, darting, then hovering close to flowers.

06 Wasp nest IMG_5946

A perfectly constructed Wasp’s nest nestled near a burnt grass stump.


07 Bird Cape White-eyes IMG_9451

The Cape White-eyes bath regularly at dawn and dusk in the birdbath on the verandah. In their enjoyment they splash almost all of the water out onto the floor.

07 Bird Southern Boubou IMG_9438

One morning the shy Southern Boubou found a small snail. After beating it vigorously on a stone, it swallowed it whole.


08 Mammal Common Reedbuck tracks revealed IMG_9512

On the hillside the Common Reedbuck paths are clearly visible between the rocks.

  1. Boubou so cute but feeding is such a horrible sight to imagine. Probably delicious to clean looking Boubou.

  2. Lovely Christeen. I must say, I miss all these signs of new life in the suburbs – it is just not as dramatic. Although the Buddleja has been magnificently fragrant.

    • Thank you Nikki! I’ve been away a lot in July, but the Buddleja scent has welcomed me home, very prolific this year!

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