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Life Wonderings of a Nature Lover: January 2018 Sitamani Country Diary

February 6, 2018

02 Cover 01 01 2018 Dawn IMG_0730

January has had typically misty days, baking hot days and fairly regular thunderstorms with rain and some hail in between.


Every January I wait with anticipation for the stunning deep magenta

03 Flora 01 Brunsvigia undulata IMG_1208

Brunsvigia undulata

03 Flora 01 Brunsvigia undulata IMG_1211

Brunsvigia undulata plants to flower!

Another favourite are

03 Flora Agapanthus caulescens IMG_1245

the blue Agapanthus caulescens flowers,

03 Flora Agapanthus caulescens IMG_7810

Agapanthus caulescens.

03 Flora Asclepias albens fruit IMG_1237

The Asclepias albens have fruit, it seems only very few of the flowers are pollinated, so from a crowded inflorescence most have only one fruit.

03 Flora Crocosmia aurea IMG_1798

Falling stars, Crocosmia aurea, are also flowering, despite hail that broke some of the buds off before they opened.

Other flowers seen were:

03 Flora Gladioulus ecklonii IMG_1213

Gladioulus ecklonii;

03 Flora Helichrysum herbaceum IMG_1215

Helichrysum herbaceum;

03 Flora Lotononis corymbosa IMG_1248

Lotononis corymbosa;

03 Flora Moraea brevistyla IMG_1247

Moraea brevistyla;

03 Flora Orchid Eulophia ovalis IMG_1221

Eulophia ovalis;

03 Flora Orchid Eulophia ovalis IMG_1223

Eulophia ovalis;

03 Flora Orchid Eulophia tenella IMG_7807

Eulophia tenella;

03 Flora Orchid Satyrium longicauda IMG_1236

Satyrium longicauda;

03 Flora Schizoglossum bidens IMG_1232

Schizoglossum bidens and

03 Flora Zornia capensis IMG_1234

Zornia capensis.


Most evenings and early mornings we see

04 Fauna Common Reedbuck IMG_0628

Common Reedbuck, these include a young one and a half grown male with new horns developing!

The Duiker are also often around the garden.


A delight was seeing a small yellow

05 Crab Spider IMG_7825

Crab Spider with a fly prey!

05 Invertebrates Caterpillar IMG_1233

A vivid orange hairy caterpillar munched on lush green foliage and some lovely moths rested during the day,

05 Invertebrates Moth Common or Cabbage Tree Emperor IMG_1258

a Common or Cabbage Tree Emperor,

05 Invertebrates Moth IMG_1260

a delicately lovely white moth and

05 Invertebrates Moth Marbled Emperor IMG_0990

a Marbled Emperor.


  1. Hello Dear – I will ask Paul to add a link to this at the end of our Summer Sightings.

    You have orchids!

    Lots of love


  2. I was about to send an email to Paul, asking if he’d prefer not to have these sightings, as I remember you saying December and January would be combined! So won’t send through, Thank you! Lots of love, xxxx

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