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Life Wonderings of a Nature Lover: January 26-29 2018 Wildflowers in the Southern Maluti-Drakensberg World Heritage Site

February 6, 2018

A magical fairyland of colour, sifting light and a stunning array of wildflowers decorated the mountain landscapes as my dear friend Nikki Brighton and I hiked from Bushman’s Nek, up the pass to Tarn Cave, then explored the Rock Garden at Sehlabathebe, walked on to Thamatu village and back down to Bushman’s Nek via Thomatu Ridge. She has already written a wonderful account, superbly illustrated with her photographs of our journey This is to illustrate some of the stunning flowers, (many are endemic to South Africa and the Drakensberg), we saw along the way, by no means all of them, that would take a book!


Ajuga ophrydis IMG_1742

Ajuga ophrydis;


Aponogeton ranunculiflorus IMG_1466

Aponogeton ranunculiflorus;


Asclepias sp IMG_1402

Asclepias sp.;


Berkheya cirsiifolia IMG_1763

Berkheya cirsiifolia IMG_1764

Berkheya cirsiifolia;


Berkheya rhapontica IMG_1579

Berkheya rhapontica;


Chironia krebsii IMG_1447

Chironia krebsii;


Crassula dependens IMG_1371

Crassula dependens;


Dierama pos latifolium IMG_1659

Dierama possibly latifolium;


Eumorphia prostrata IMG_1658

Eumorphia prostrata;


Geranium pulchrum IMG_1761

Geranium pulchrum;


Geranium schlechteri IMG_1525

Geranium schlechteri;


Gomphostigma virgatum IMG_1313

Gomphostigma virgatum;


Hebenstretia dura IMG_1396

Hebenstretia dura;


Helichrysum sp IMG_1589

Helichrysum sp.;


Jamesbrittenia breviflora IMG_1765

Jamesbrittenia breviflora;


Kniphofia ritualis IMG_7941

Kniphofia ritualis;


Kniphofia sp pos laxiflora IMG_1462

Kniphofia sp. posssibly laxiflora;


Limosella inflata IMG_1471

Limosella inflata;


Lindernia conferta IMG_1458

Lindernia conferta;


Lithospermum papillosum IMG_7963

Lithospermum papillosum;


Lobelia preslii IMG_1562

Lobelia preslii;


Lobelia vanreenensis IMG_1563

Lobelia vanreenensis;


Manulea crassifolia IMG_1652

Manulea crassifolia;


Melasama scabrum IMG_7944

Melasama scabrum;


Moraea inclinata IMG_1477

Moraea inclinata;


Moraea trifida IMG_1367

Moraea trifida;


Myosotis semiamplexicaulis IMG_1475

Myosotis semiamplexicaulis;


Orchid Corycium nigrescens IMG_1555

Orchid Corycium nigrescens IMG_1556

Orchid Corycium nigrescens IMG_1625

Corycium nigrescens;


Orchid Disa brevicornis IMG_1604

Disa brevicornis


Orchid Disa fragrans IMG_1681

Disa fragrans;


Orchid Disa orephila subsp erecta IMG_7968

Disa orephila subsp. erecta;


Orchid Disa orephila subsp orephila IMG_1383

Orchid Disa orephila subsp orephila IMG_1622

Orchid Disa orephila subsp orephila IMG_7940

Disa orephila subsp. orephila;


Orchid Disa patula IMG_1351

Disa patula;


Orchid Disa sanguinea IMG_1669

Disa sanguinea;


Orchid Disa stachyoides IMG_1352

Disa stachyoides;


Orchid Disa versicolor IMG_1417

Disa versicolor;


Orchid Disperis cardiphora IMG_7923

Disperis cardiphora;


Orchid Disperis tysonii IMG_1439

Disperis tysonii;


Orchid Disperis wealei IMG_1573

Disperis wealei;


Orchid Habenaria lithophila IMG_1602

Habenaria lithophila;


Orchid Holothrix scopularia IMG_1549

Holothrix scopularia;


Orchid Holothrix thodei IMG_1495

Holothrix thodei;


Orchid Satyrium longicauda and Schizochilus angustifolius IMG_1546

Satyrium longicauda and Schizochilus angustifolius;


Orchid Satyrium longicauda IMG_1338

Orchid Satyrium longicauda IMG_1374

Satyrium longicauda;


Orchid Satyrium microrrhynchum IMG_1425

Satyrium possibly microrrhynchum;


Orchid Satyrium parviflorum IMG_1793

Orchid Satyrium parviflorum IMG_1794

Orchid Satyrium parviflorum IMG_1795

Satyrium parviflorum;


Orchid Satyrium pos bracteatum IMG_1592

Satyrium possibly bracteatum;


Orchid Schizochilus angustifolius IMG_1398

Schizochilus angustifolius;


Orchid Schizochilus bulbinella IMG_1390

Schizochilus bulbinella;


Papaver aculeatum IMG_1554

Papaver aculeatum;


Protea roupelliae IMG_1348

Protea roupelliae;


Protea subvestita IMG_1346

Protea subvestita;


Selago galpinii IMG_1331

Selago galpinii;


Utricularia livida IMG_1355

Utricularia livida;


Wahlenbergia grandiflora IMG_1576

Wahlenbergia grandiflora;


Zaluziansky microsiphon IMG_1391

Zaluziansky microsiphon;


Zantedeshia aethiopica IMG_1372

Zantedeshia aethiopica

  1. Superb collection. It seems quite surreal actually. So many flowers!

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