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Life Wonderings of a Nature Lover: As darkness descends

June 20, 2019

2019 06 19 Umhlanga IMG_0844

Sparkling sea sings an endless song

as waves come to shore

careless children with no purpose

armed with garish disposable plastic nets

pry and poke in rock pools

disrupting tranquil inhabitants


A young boy’s joy of a flitting yellow butterfly

severed by his mother’s intent

on a gadget monitored run

to achieve transient fitness

oblivious to the hum of bees in the

glowing aloe lined paved pathway

where the intricate beauty of a small caterpillar journey is unheeded


Malevolent Mordor monster machines

roar in a lava flow of

red tail lights to the horizon

rubber trail, oil, fumes and impersonal

glinting metal leviathans

etch into the landscape as darkness descends

We are all complicit in the destruction


Serene blue skies

white trailing high cloud

graced by a waning moon

a skein of birds fly through clear air

cool golden grass lies quiet on winter sunbathed hills


Gaia does not need this plague

a species driven by the apple

of oversaturated high definition unreality


We need to stop, take check and reconnect

realizing we cannot exist without her.



(Reflections the day after a trip to Durban, normally I focus on all the positive things I observe, however as darkness descended on the way home, thoughts of things I’d seen bubbled up. The day was actually a happy one, having a routine service done on our vehicle and spending time with treasured friends we’d not seen in many years.)


  1. “We are all complicit in the destruction”!!!!

    I love cheese K doesn’t eat it but I do.
    I love me some Bolandse Kooperasie Molenaar (Bokomo) corn flakes.
    Especially with Douglasdale milk.

    But I am one lazy bastard. I hate dishes so much K bought me a dishwasher.

    Unfortunately, I don’t want a bird or fish swallowing my plastic wrappers.
    I don’t want to keep drinking plastic from a tap or filtered water or bottled water or streams in the Kloofs.
    I don’t want weeds, flowers and trees to contain plastic in their plasma.

    I hate standing at the zinc to wash anything.
    Every time I stand there rinsing my cheese wrapper, milk bag and cereal bag I curse a million times.

    I curse at my stupidity for making myself waste my life washing nonsense because I don’t want to harm any further.

    Each time I buy them less and less.

    I wish I could stop enjoying the roasted maize and white water from the tits of a cow.

    So I can sit in front of the fire reading and writing and studying and working. Fancy way of saying ‘I want to laze about, on my glutes, all winter. Away from the kitchen.’

    • Oh I forgot to mention the last straw. I hate pushing and squeezing the plastics into the water bottle when they dry to make eco bricks. So much labour.

      I bet if everyone was required to spend a week at the sewerage every year we would all eat healthier and shit better smelling excretion.

      I bet if everyone was required to wash and find an alternative use for the plastic wrappers, we would stop buying their contents and demand paper wrappings. OK I’m done.

    • I identify 100% Maps… Your writing is spot on. My feelings exactly, then add “I loath having to go into any shop / supermarket, everything screams PLASTIC at me….” xxxx

  2. Well described Christeen and lots to think about. Visiting the city and travelling on the freeway when one is used to the bush or countryside can produce such a profound feeling of shock, disconnect and despairing.

    • Thank you for your comment and understanding Carol. I felt so profoundly our human dislocation, and as I discussed with my son, one can only try to create awareness and live as ethically as possible. The situation is way beyond individuals, there needs to be a collective awareness and will to make any real difference. xxx

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