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Life Wonderings of a Nature Lover: May 2021 Sitamani Country Diary

June 1, 2021

May has been very cool and dry, only 4mm of rain fell during the month. The grasses have dried and leaves of the deciduous trees have almost all fallen.

The maximum temperature 22 C on a few days

The minimum temperature 5 C 31 May

Rainfall 4mm only 5% of the precipitation in April

Saturday 1

For a brief time the clouds lifted to reveal a snowy Drakensberg

A gravid female mantis watched me with beady yellow eyes

The male Greater Double-collared Sunbird was busy feeding in the Bottle-brush

Purple-blue Bulwer Mountain under a winter sky


Old Man’s Beard

In the evening the Common Duiker grazed near the house

Wednesday 5

A  Lunate Ladybird, Cheilomenes lunata, Larvae scurried across the verandah step

Saturday 8

Changing colours of a stunning sunrise

Fresh droppings of the Common Duiker left evidence of a visit

Thursday 13

A dried Agapanthus seedhead cracked open to reveal seeds

Friday 14

‘Here comes the sun little darling….’  Through Ouhout, Leucosidea sericea leaves

Saturday 29

Soft winter sunset

Sunday 30

Common Duiker sunning themselves down near the orchard

Moon on the wane

Ornamental remains of Berkheya setifera flower heads

Aloe maculata leaves tinged pink by frost

Aloe maculata buds

A Drakensberg Prinia on the skyline

Otholobium polysictum

Plectranthus calycina seedhead

Senecio harveianus one of the few bright colours on the hillside

Spiderweb still covered in dew

Spent leaves of Vernonia natalensis create silver sculptures

  1. What a beautiful way of recording the month! Each photograph tells a delightful story and reflects your affinity for nature.

  2. Adore the muted golds and battered bronzes that accompany the season when time moves so slowly. You have captured it perfectly.

  3. A lovely set of photographs. The captions and short explanations underneath them added to the enjoyment. Thank you for sharing.

  4. bewilderbeast permalink


  5. I particularly like the wintery palette of the grasses and grassland plants, and also the photo of the moss, and of the lichen, of the duiker in the evening and the ouhout at sunrise – but of course all are lovely. Hope you are keeping warm and cosy – winter really is here!

    • Thank you Carol! Yes, winter is here, on Thursday and Friday morning last week the berg was winter white with a deep blanket of snow! A fire keeps us cosy 😉 xxxx

      • Very early for snow and such relatively heavy falls. Although further from the snow, we too have been lighting our wood burner. Keep cosy xxx

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