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Life Wonderings of a Nature Lover: June 2021 Sitamani Country Diary

July 1, 2021
The waning moon floats in a purple sky at dawn

At the beginning of June after a very cold damp spell, 49,5mm of rain fell over the 1st and 2nd, the clouds parted briefly to reveal snow clad mountains. After that only 1,5mm of rain was recorded, by the last week in June we were experiencing unseasonably warm conditions, on 29th the minimum temperature was 16C and the maximum temperatures in the low twenties Celcius. Dry and windy.

The maximum temperature 24 C on 30 June

The minimum temperature 1.5 C 7 June

Rainfall 51mm

The Winter Solstice on 21 June heralds the slow swing back to Summer. The landscape settles into a quiet time.

Tuesday 1

Beautiful lilac cloud effects at sunset were the forerunner of rain

Wednesday 2

The clouds parted to reveal a snowy Southern Drakensberg

Friday 4

Dawn light on Hodgson’s Peaks, the snow still thick on the mountain slopes

Sunday 13

A short wander revealed

A multitude of buds on Buddleja salvifolia, later this winter the air will be heavily scented with their perfume

Vibrant yellow leaves in Ouhout, Leucosidea sericea

Dry grasses and winter Watsonia leaves against cool shadows

Branches of Halleria lucida thick with flowers

Many Mole Rat mounds pushed through the lawn

A beautiful white feather

Saturday 19

One of the highlights of June, that I wait for with anticipation is the flowering of

Buddleja dysophylla

They attract many insects

A Bee on Buddleja dysophylla

A Hoverfly on Buddleja dysophylla

A Plant bug on Buddleja dysophylla (apologies for the poor focus)

Flowering Rosemary also attracts insects like this Hoverfly

Tuesday 29

A gloriously vibrant dawn

  1. bewilderbeast permalink

    Another cornucopia shared! Thank you

    • Thank you! Not the variety or abundance of Spring and Summer, but I love the quieter seasons.

  2. These glorious photographs make me yearn for the many, many days spent hiking in the Drakensberg. This is a beautiful way of keeping track of time.

    • So happy you enjoy the blogs Anne and that they bring back places with special memories, thank you! xxx

  3. It has been a month of extremes from quite heavy snow in the mountains to daytime temps in the upper 20s. I enjoyed your winter gallery – with some of the definite signs that we are heading towards increasing signs of spring.

    • Thank you Carol! It really hasn’t been winter yet apart from those few days at the beginning of June, might still be coming. The high temperatures are very unseasonal, five years ago we were experiencing heavy frosts and cool days. xxx

      • It is a strange season, and it is good that it has turned cooler now after the recent high temps. Let’s hope for more cooler days … (never thought I would be one to say that, but times have changed).

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