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Life Wonderings of a Nature Lover: November 2020 Sitamani Country Diary

December 3, 2020

November has been a gloriously wet and verdant month, we’ve recorded rain on 22 days of the 30, a total of 196,5mm. The hillside is green with a wealth of flowers. The only flowering plant that doesn’t seem to enjoy the wet, cool conditions are the orchids, only one seen this November. The coolest temperature was on the 19th at 8C and the warmest 33.5C on the 8th. Most days were overcast and often misty.

Here are some of the wonderful flora and fauna seen during the month.

Monday 2

Trachyandra saltii

Eriosema kraussianum amongst the rock

Bagworm on Hypoxis

Tuesday 3

Although the light was poor, I couldn’t resist taking these late afternoon photos

Speckled Mousebirds

Male Red-collared Widowbirds almost in full breeding plumage

A soft end to the day

Saturday 14

Lotononis corymbosa

Vernonia hirsuta

Berkheya macrocephala


Schizocarphus nervosus (=Scilla nervosa)

Dipcadi viride

Indigofera hilaris

Indigofera hilaris

In the KZN Drakensberg swathes of spectacular flowering, neon orange Watsonia socium, have covered the mountain slopes, our hillside has also glowed.

Watsonia socium

Striga bilabaiata

Striga bilabaiata

Wahlenbergia krebsii

Ledebouria sp.

Yellow-spotted Ground Beetle, Craspedophorus bonvouloiri

Cyphia elata

White Bramble, Rubus rigidus

Monday 16

I was so excited to see that an Ochna arborea had self-seeded in the little indigenous shrubbery I planted. Normally I’ve seen these beautiful, slender trees with beautiful ‘dappled’ bark in the mountains, their distinctive red and grey green, turning to black, seeds sparkling in the green foliage.

Ochna arborea

Ochna arborea

Tuesday 17

Cool dawn colours

Monday 23

Although I didn’t manage to take a photo, as we were having early morning coffee a russet orange Slender Mongoose, with a black tipped tail, darted across the lawn into the longer grass, so lovely!

Thursday 26

This interesting invertebrate was on the kitchen doorstep.

Friday 27

My find of the early morning was this large Granular Agate Snail, Archachatina granulata

I was on my way to look at the hillside covered with Silene bellidioides, in overcast conditions, they were still open. They are night flowering plants.

Silene bellidioides

Amongst the forbes, where there is good grazing, was this pile of Common Reedbuck droppings

Soft light and light mist in the valley below

Pill Millipede

Sisyranthus trichostomus

Pelargonium luridum

Vernonia natalensis

A delightful hairy caterpillar

Mariscus congestus

Hypoxis iridifolia

As I was wandering through the grasses I disturbed a Common Reedbuck. He stood up, watched me, then cavorted, before settling to observe me once again.

Common Reedbuck

Haemanthus humilis

Silver Bramble, Rubus ludwigii

Arrow-leaved Arum, Zantedeschia albomaculata

Lobelia erinus

Ajuga ophrydis

Otholobium polysictum

Cyanotis speciosa

Asclepias albens

Watsonia socium

A Bagworm on Cyanotis speciosa

The only orchid flowering this November Orthochilus foliosus

Clutia cordata

Pentanisia prunelloides

Ficinia cinammomea

A delightful spotted moth

Saturday 28

The most gorgeous dawn

Monday 30

To round off the month, the sky was filled with vibrant colour in the evening after a storm.

binary comment

  1. So much rain! x

    • and it’s still raining lightly now. Although I know it’s not a return to historic weather patterns, very grateful for the soil soaking! xxx

  2. bewilderbeast permalink

    Without apology, once again . . aaaah! and wow!
    Do you post to Hope so.

    • Glad to ‘see’ you here again! Thanks! Yes, I am on iNaturalist, post the interesting, unusual plants.

      • bewilderbeast permalink

        wonderful! I post for th4e Palmiet Nature Reserve, Westville, group.

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