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19 January 2021 Wildflowers on amahaqwa, Bulwer Mountain

January 23, 2021

On Tuesday, Nikki, her motto – Celebrate the Small Stuff, and I had glorious day doing just that, walking on amahaqwa, Bulwer Mountain, the skies opened to the bluest of blue, only eclipsed by the Agapanthus in full bloom.

This is a mountain ridge that is essentially an extension of the Drakensberg, albeit cut off from the main escarpment. As a result, there are the same rock strata, including getting above the Clarens Sandstone, and many of the flowering plants of the Drakensberg and Little β€˜Berg are found here.

These are some of the flowers we saw….

Corycium nigrenscens

Disa versicolor

Disperis oxyglossa

Eulophia zeyheriana

Habenaria lithophila

Neobolusia tysonii

Pterygodium hastatum

Satyrium longicauda

Satyrium parviflorum

Schizochilus angustifolia

Afrotysonia glochidiata, a first for me

Agapanthus campanulatus

Ajuga ophrydis

Albuca setosa

Alepidea natalensis

Argyrolobium harveyanum

Berkheya possibly onopordifolia a first for me

Chaenostoma possibly polelense subsp. polelense another first for me!

Chironia krebsii

Chlorophytum cooperi

Crassula vaginata

Craterocapsa tarsodes

Crocosmia pottsii

Cycnium racemosum

Cyphia elata

Cyphia tysonii

Delosperma lavisiae

Diascia integerrima

Diclis reptans

Eucomis bicolor

Gunnera perpensa

Hebenstretia cooperi

Heliophila rigidiuscula

Hesperantha baurii

Indigofera woodii

Jamesbrittenia breviflora

Kniphopia triangularis

Linum thunbergia

Lotononis eriantha

Lotononis lotononoides

Manulea crassifolia

Myosotis semiamplexicaulis

Peucedanum thodei

Pimpinella caffra

Plectranthus grallatus

Protea roupelliae

Schizoglossum elingue subsp. elingue

Schizoglossum elingue subsp. purpureum

Senecio oxyriifolius

Sutera floribunda

Watsonia confusa

Zaluzianskya microsiphon
  1. Exquisite! What a beautiful post. Thank you so much.
    Yesterday, I was taking a walk, and I stopped to smell a jasmine flower. It smelled so good, that I went in for another deep inhalation…. and then I hear laughing! Here I am on a busy main road, stealing a furtive sniff or two, and there on the footpath is a woman doubled over with laughter, which just got louder when I turned to her. Most shocks and surprises seem unwelcome, but this one…. too too funny. I was sprung! This jasmine plant is now a living part of her memories. She even asked me what it was as we passed, then she leaned in to take a closer look.. perhaps even a little sniff, who knows ….. There are a million ways to secretly spread joy, I have much gratitude to see a fellow traveller.

    • I’m so happy you were able to share our joy, thank you! I love your story, I would have done the same, smelt the rich sweet perfume. You certainly enriched her day, gave her something to laugh about, and maybe she will also see and smell the beauty as she walks. It’s always the journey that hooks me, so wander well dear lady, fellow traveller!

  2. Stunning flower images, Christeen. Nature is amazing, especially close-up! πŸ˜„

    • Thank you Jane! Being in Nature has been my solace and spirit reviver in these strange time, so happy you enjoyed them! xxx

  3. I completely agree about celebrating the small stuff but these finds are actually a big deal! What beautiful plants and such an awesome variety and that you can ID them too! I love the long-tongued bee approaching the Cycnium racemosum. That bicolour Eucomis is gorgeous – but then they all are. What a fantastic post that I will be revisiting. Thank you!

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