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Life Wonderings of a Nature Lover: February 19-21 2021 Wildflowers in the Southern Maluti-Drakensberg World Heritage Site

February 27, 2021

A Southern Secrets Hiking and Backpacking Guided Hike

Playing and fossicking amongst flowers has to be one of my very favourite pastimes, combine that with hiking, spending nights in the Drakensberg, excellent company who also relish these spaces and gems, and you end up with memories of an experience to treasure!

We walked up to Tarn Cave from Bushmans Nek, spent time in the Rock Garden of Sehlabathebe and returned via the Bushmans Nek Pass.

This is a list of those flowers I identified over the three days (88). Not all were photographed and these are the ones I remember seeing.

Orchids were in abundance (18):

Brownleea galpinii

Brownleea parviflora

Corycium sp. the flowers were over.

Disa brevicornis

Disa fragrans

Disa versicolor

Disperis cooperi

Disperis tysonii

Habenaria dives

Habenaria laevigata

Habenaria schimperiana

Holothrix thodei

Pterygodium hastatum

Satyrium cristatum

Satyrium longicauda

Satyrium microrrhynchum

Satyrium parviflorum

Schizochilus flexuosus

There were also many other stunning flowers blooming (69):

Alectra basutica

Alepidea natalensis

Aponogeton rannunculiflorus

Aristea woodii

Berkheya possibly onopordifolia

Berkheya rhaphontica

Chlorophytum sp.

Clematis brachiata

Commelina africana

Cotula socialis

Crassula natalensis

Crassula umbraticola

Cratercapsa tarsodes

Cynoglossum austro-africanum

Cyphia tysonii

Delosperma lavisiae

Diascia barberae

Diclis reptans

Dierama argyreum

Drosera natalensis

Erica aestiva

Erica alopecurus

Erica cooperi

Eucomis autumnalis

Eucomis schijfii

Felicia filifolia

Geranium multisectum

Geranium wakkerstroomianum

Gladiolus crassifolius

Gomphostigma virgatum

Helichrysum adenocarpum

Helichrysum heterolasium

Helichrysum rugulosum

Hermannia woodii

Hesperantha baurii

Hesperantha coccinea

Hesperantha tysonii

Huperzia saururus fern

Hypericum aethiopicum subsp. sonderi

Kniphofia laxiflora

Kniphofia triangularis

Limosella inflata

Lindernia conferta

Linum thunbergii

Lobelia erinus

Melasma scabrum inflated fruit

Moraea brevistyla

Moraea inclinata

Moraea trifida

Nidorella undulata

Papaver aculeatum

Polygala hottentotta

Protea dracomontana

Protea roupelliae

Protea subvestita

Scabiosa columbaria

Sebaea natalensis

Sebaea marlothii

Selago flanaganii

Stretocarpus pentherianus

Themeda triandra

Urginea macrocentra seeds

Ursinia alpina

Wahlenbergia krebsii

Wahlenbergia fasciculata

Wahlenbergia huttonii

Xerophyta viscosa

Zaluzianskya microsiphon

Zaluzianskya pulvinata


A Field Guide to Wildflowers KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Region: E. Pooley

Mountain Flowers A Field Guide to the Flora of the Drakensberg and Lesotho: E. Pooley

Orchids of South Africa A Field Guide: S. Johnson, B. Bytebier, H. Starker

Ferns of Southern Africa A Comprehensive Guide: N.R. Crouch, R. R. Klopper, J. E. Burrows, S. E. Burrows

  1. Mark Phipson permalink

    Required Field reading! You have been granted extraordinary talent and humility which radiate from all your love of nature work in equal abundance! I believe we are privileged to be existential co-wonderers with you through the lens of your camera and the eyes of your heart, virtually in our case.

  2. Thank you Christeen, for compiling these treasures into this wonderful record. A big effort but so appreciated. What a marvellous part of the planet. x

    • Dear Nikki, it is really a pleasure and becomes a record of a very beautiful memory, yes, it is a very precious corner of the planet. Thank you for sharing the adventure! xxx

  3. Wow – the beauty and diversity here is incredible, and I am awed by the breadth of your knowledge and your attention to detail and touched by your deep affection for the plants, the region and nature in general xxx

    • Carol thank you for your very kind comment, I still have so much to learn, lol! What is certain is my deep love for the Drakensberg wilderness! xxx

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